Vol. 9, Issue 7December 2017


The holidays are here, with their lights and presents and getting together with friends. But don't let disaster wreck your season.

Practice fire safety. If you use candles for decoration, don't leave them unattended or put them close to anything flammable. Unplug outdoor lights when you are not home, and don't leave your tree lit unless you are nearby.

Be careful about drinking and driving. The combination of winter weather, busy roads and lots of people celebrating can be lethal. Don't drink and drive, and don't drive when you are tired or distracted.

Don't make your house an invitation to intruders. Burglars know that lots of people are away during the holidays. If you are gone, leave lights on, have your paper and mail taken in, and ask a neighbor or friend to check in on your house periodically. You also might want to let the local police know you will be away.

Finally, let your insurance agent know if you have something very valuable under the tree. That diamond necklace, for example, should be covered from the time you leave the shop; don't wait until Christmas morning.