Vol. 10, Issue 6October 2018


12 Places to Visit This Fall

Fall is traditionally a frugal time for traveling. Once the rush of summer travel is over, many destinations are much more affordable. And as an added bonus, both the weather and the crowds are often less oppressive. The website Culture Trip suggests a dozen places to visit this fall.

Paris (photo). Springtime in Paris is nice, but autumn can be even nicer. The City of Light is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In the fall, the prices are much lower and lines are much shorter, so you can see more for less.

Vermont. The draw here is colorful foliage. The changing leaves of Vermont are legendary, and lots of tourists head east every year to “leaf peep.” As a result, you won’t save money or avoid crowds. But fall is the only time you can see fall colors.

Rome. Summer in Rome can be unbearably hot; fall weather is usually much more pleasant. The hordes of tourists also have thinned, so you can take your time exploring the Eternal City. And it will cost you less, too.

Cape Cod. The long expanses of beautiful beach are often nearly empty in the fall. It might be too cold to swim, but the weather is perfect for walking on the sand and finding seashells and dining on fried clams or lobster rolls.

Santorini, Greece. For much of fall the weather is still warm enough to play in the water. And you won’t have to jostle for a space to see – and photograph – the gorgeous white houses with their pops of color.

Ibiza. This gem of the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain hosts an almost-continual party all summer long. But in the fall, you can enjoy the beaches and the sunsets in peace and quiet.

Hawaii. Prices are much lower in the fall than they are in the summer. And if that were not enough, the beaches, sites, shops and restaurants are much less crowded.

Capri. This is another beautiful island that is much less expensive and much more enjoyable in the fall. One caveat, though: After November 1, you are likely to find far fewer hotel rooms and restaurants, because many are closed for the season.

Peru. The dry season ends sometime after October, making fall a great time to explore this South American tourist mecca without dealing with the prices and the crowds of summer.

Villefranche-sur-Mer. This lesser known jewel of the French Riviera is less expensive than some more famous locations year-round, but it is a particularly good bargain in the fall.

Lisbon. The capital of Portugal is becoming a more popular – and therefore more pricey – destination for travelers. But you still can find good prices and smaller crowds in the fall.

Las Vegas. Vegas draws tourists all year round. But there can be a little lull – and better prices – in the fall. And it is at least a little cooler.

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