Vol. 9, Issue 4September 2017


Tips for Business Travelers

Flying for business can be annoying and tiring, but Forbes has some suggestion for making it easier:

Book your seat when you buy your ticket. That increases the odds that you will get a seat you want. Waiting until the last minute to choose a seat rarely ends well.

Choose the type of seat you prefer. There is no perfect seat. If you sit on the aisle, you have to get up any time one of your seatmates needs to use the rest room, and you might get jostled by the beverage cart. But if you choose a window seat and your seatmates go to sleep, you are trapped. Pick your seat with a mind to your personal preference.

Dress in business clothes for the trip. It can be tempting to dress down in casual clothes and figure you can change before your meeting. But what if your luggage is lost or your flight is delayed, and you are forced to meet with clients in the clothes you were wearing when you boarded the plane? It’s best to dress professionally, just in case.

Don’t assume your flight has wi-fi. Check before you travel. That way, if the flight does not have wi-fi, you can download the files you need before you get on the plane.

Wear comfortable shoes. The walk within airports can be long, and you could be in a hurry. Wear casual shoes, and put your business shoes in your carry-on.

Know what will happen when you land. Is the business contact sending a driver, or are you responsible for your own transportation? If there is a driver, where do you meet him or her? Also, double-check to make sure the times and/or locations of meetings have not been changed.

Don’t assume you will get food on the flight. It is best to bring your own food on board. But don’t choose food that is messy or strong smelling.

Plan for jet lag. If you have a long flight, schedule it so that you will have time to recover from jet lag and be at your best when your business meetings begin.

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