Vol. 1, Issue 6November 2009


Beware of IRS Phishing Scam

If you get an email that says it is from the IRS, you can be certain of one thing: It is not. According to the IRS, it does not initiate contact through email, and it does not ask for personal or financial information through email.

However, there are people who go "phishing" for such information by pretending to be the IRS. They send an email that instructs the reader to go to an IRS site or open an attachment. The email might say, for example, that the reader is due a refund or could be audited unless he or she provides the requested information.

If you receive such an email, the IRS says, don't open it; that could infect your computer. Instead, forward the email to the IRS at Then delete the message.

If you fear that you already have provided information to a phony site, visit the Identity Theft page at