Vol. 9, Issue 11April 2018


Holding a Successful Garage Sale

A garage sale can have the double benefit of getting rid of clutter and making you some money. But you want to make the most of your garage sale. Angie’s List has some suggestions for how to run a successful garage sale:

Advertise. At least post fliers and put up signs that direct people to your sale. You also might consider running an ad in the newspaper, a penny-saver or an online site.

Protect your home. Lock the doors and windows, and pull down the shades or close the curtains. Post a sign that says “No Public Restrooms,” and know the location of the nearest public restroom so you can offer it to people who ask.

Set up your sale like a store. Group similar items together, so that shoppers can easily browse through all your kitchen items, sports equipment, baby gear, etc.

Give shoppers space. Create wide aisles so that shoppers can get through easily, even if other shoppers are looking at specific items.

Put things on tables. Shoppers are more likely to notice items that are closer to eye level, so elevate them on tables. If you are selling children’s toys, put them on lower tables so that they are at the level of your younger shoppers. And if you have to put things on the ground, put a tarp or blanket under the merchandise.

Display clothes on hangers. That makes them easier for shoppers to see.

Plug electrical items into outlets. That way shoppers can test for themselves to see if the item works.

Have a giveaway box. If you have items that you are giving away for free, put them in a box and label it “Free.” Then put the box near the curb so that people walking or driving past can see it.

Label things that are not for sale. As the name suggests, garage sales often are held in a garage – which probably also holds things that are not for sale. Put signs on the things you don’t want to sell.

Be smart about pricing. Garage sale shoppers are looking for bargains, so you will sell more if you employ bargain pricing. In general, price items at no more than 20 percent of the cost of them new. And remember that, although some of these things have great sentimental value to you, they have no sentimental value to your customers.

Make shopping comfortable. You want people to hang around and browse, so make them feel welcome. If it is hot, have some big fans to move the air around, and offer water. Play easy listening music at a low volume in the background. Be friendly and answer questions, but don’t hover – that can make shoppers feel uncomfortable.

Take nothing back into your house. Decide on a place to donate anything that does not sell, and then take it to the donation site. You don’t want to have gone to all the trouble of decluttering your house and holding the sale, just to bring the unsold junk back in.

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