Vol. 10, Issue 8December 2018


Coolest World Cities in 2018

There are cities that are simply a stop on the way to somewhere else, and then there are cities that capture the imagination. According to Forbes, experienced travel experts say these 10 cities are the world’s coolest in 2018:

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (photo). You can check out the Ethnological Museum for a look into Africa’s past. And you can experience its present in any of the many jazz clubs that make up Addis Ababa’s exciting cultural scene.

Nagasaki, Japan. During Japan’s three centuries of isolation, Nagasaki was one of only two cities in Japan that foreigners were allowed to visit. That has helped to create an exciting mix of historic, cultural and culinary experiences.

Puebla, Mexico. Located a few hours southeast of Mexico City, Puebla is renowned for its architecture – which can be experienced in its 365 churches. It is also the birthplace of mole.

Malacca, Malaysia. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Malacca reflects not only the history and culture of Malaysia, but also the influence of Dutch and Portuguese settlers.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This is a center for Javanese history and culture. You also can visit an eighth-century Buddhist temple and a ninth-century Hindu temple, among other historic sites.

Arequipa, Peru. Arequipa is a diner’s delight. Especially if you like your food spicy, head for one of the city’s cozy, communal restaurants. You also can visit a beautiful cathedral and enjoy the sight of the El Misti volcano.

Cairo, Egypt. The city is ancient – more than 4,000 years old – and at the same time a vibrant part of the contemporary Middle East. Visit the new National Museum for Egyptian Civilization or the ancient pyramids and ruins. There has been a been drop-off in tourism lately, which means such sites will be less crowded.

Brazzaville, Congo. This is a safe, clean, easily navigable city with impressive architecture and lots of new and exciting restaurants. Visit the Basilique Sainte-Anne for 5 p.m. mass to see the lovely church and the locals in their colorful outfits.

Medellin, Columbia. No longer famous mainly for its drug cartel, Medellin has become popular for its art scene and its hip, trendy eateries. You also can hike in the surrounding mountains or visit a lovely colonial towns.

Leon, Nicaragua. Only about an hour from Managua, Leon is still relatively undiscovered. Wander through its narrow streets and soak up is architecture, museums, galleries and restaurants. Then head a little out of town to see volcanoes and, if the spirit moves you, try the exciting sport of volcano boarding.

Photo © Aleksandr Frolov |