Vol. 10, Issue 1June 2018

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Water Safety for Kids
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Scammers Target New Medicare Cards

The Social Security Administration has started sending out replacement Medicare cards to everyone eligible for Medicare. You might already have received your new card; if not, you should receive it by April 2019. Unlike the old card, the new card will not include information on your gender or your Social Security number. Instead, it will have a unique Medicare number. The new card will come to the address you have on file with Medicare. If you have moved, you should update your address with Medicare.

The change is being made in part because personal information on the old cards could be used by scammers. However, scammers are using the rollout of the new cards to try to get information or money from recipients. Medicare says:

  • You don't have to pay for your card. It will come to the address you have on file with Medicare. If someone calls you and says you need to pay for the new card, that is a scam.

  • No one will call you to check the information on your replacement card. If you get a call saying you will lose your Medicare benefits if you don't verify information on your card, that is a scam.

  • Once you receive your replacement card, destroy your old card and keep your replacement card safe. Share it only with people you trust to be involved in your health care.

    You can find out more about the new card and set up an email alert to let you know when your new card has mailed at