Vol. 2, Issue 8January 2011

We hope your year is off to a great start. If you or someone you know has a new year's resolution to get your finances in order or finally have a real financial plan, then give DeSERANNO a call. Happy New Year!

A One-Year Checklist to Retirement
One of the biggest lessons of the recent economy is that many people who thought they were financially ready for retirement…weren’t. READ MORE...

The Yearly Review
Maybe your New Year's resolutions include more trips to the gym or less time on the BlackBerry. But you also should see if you need to make some New Year's resolutions in your financial life. READ MORE...

Keeping Your Computer Safe
There are some common-sense steps you should take to keep your computer data safe from high-tech thieves and con artists. READ MORE...

Best Airlines

Jet Blue Airways is the best economy airline, while Continental leads the way in the premium seating area, according to the 2010 Zagat survey of airline passengers. The survey also named Southwest Airlines as the best value.

Following JetBlue in the economy airline category were Southwest, Continental, AirTran Airways and Delta Airlines.

After Continental, the airlines receiving top marks for premium service were American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines and AirTran.

Travelers also ranked Portland International as the nation's best airport. The worst: New York's LaGuardia, which has held down the bottom spot since 2007.