Vol. 2, Issue 2July 2010

New Newsletter and Website by DeSERANNO!

Announcing New Newsletter and Website
Welcome to our new newsletter and please visit our brand new website at We have upgraded our newsletter and our website to provide you with a more user friendly experience with more valuable insights and information. READ MORE...

Article Introduction and Commentary
As part of our ongoing practice to provide our clients and friends with relevant and useful articles regarding financial issues I thought it may be helpful for me to highlight some key points in articles we choose to feature each month in our newsletter. READ MORE...

Keeping Your Credit Score Healthy
It doesn't take much these days to damage a credit score. Before the recession, late payments and blasting through credit limits would take its toll. READ MORE...

Teens and Credit
You thought once you had "the talk" with your kids, you were done with the important life lessons. But there is still one left: handling credit. READ MORE...

Trivia for the World Cup

Maybe you are a longtime fan of soccer or are newly captivated by the World Cup competition being played in South Africa. Either way, here are some interesting facts about the sport, which is the most popular in the world: * Outside the United States, soccer is known as football. It is only called soccer here to avoid confusion with the sport played on Sunday afternoons by huge men in helmets and pads.

* There have been 19 World Cups, and six were won by the team from the host nation. Talk about home field advantage.

* In July 1950 in a stadium in Rio de Janeiro, almost 200,000 people watched Brazil play.

* Soccer originated in England, and the first soccer team was the Sheffield FC, formed in 1857.

* Pele, the Brazilian believed by many to be the best soccer player ever, is also the only player to win the World Cup three times--in 1958, 1962 and 1970.