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VOL. 11, ISSUE 2   •   JUNE, 2019
Tips for Saving at Disney World
You don't have to break the bank to hang out with Mickey. READ MORE...

GF Driving for Rideshare 2019

BBL Poison Plants 2019

Least Expensive States to Marry

VOL. 11, ISSUE 1   •   MAY, 2019
Hotel or Vacation Rental?
If you are planning a trip, you have many options for lodging. Which should you choose? READ MORE...

GF Changing Face of Retirement 2019

BBL Medication Expiration Dates 2019

World's Happiest Countries

VOL. 10, ISSUE 12   •   APRIL, 2019
Selling Your Home In a Buyer's Market
The real estate market may be moving from a seller's market to a buyer's market. If you are a seller, here are some ways to adjust. READ MORE...

GF Starting a Vegetable Garden 2019

BBL Spring Allergies 2019

Best and Worst States to Live

VOL. 10, ISSUE 11   •   MARCH, 2019
Affordable Retirement Options Abroad
If you have thought about retiring overseas, here are some places to consider. READ MORE...

GF Good Deals That Arent 2019

BBL Jet Lag 2019

Top Hotel Chains Worldwide

VOL. 10, ISSUE 10   •   FEBRUARY, 2019
Online-Only Banks
What are the pros and cons of online-only banks? READ MORE...

GF Habits of Successful People 2018

BBL Staying Healthy on a Cruise 2019

Coldest U.S. Cities

VOL. 10, ISSUE 9   •   JANUARY, 2019
How to Sell Your House in the Winter
Yes you can sell your house in winter -- and sometimes for a higher price. Here are some ways to attract cold-weather home shoppers. READ MORE...

GF Budget Travel Destinations 2019

BBL Winter Driving Tips 2018

Best Towns for First-Time Home Buyers

VOL. 10, ISSUE 8   •   DECEMBER, 2018
Tips on Tipping
Confused about when and how much to tip? You are not alone. Here are some guidelines. READ MORE...

GF Using Leftovers 2018

BBL 10 Coolest World Cities 2018

Top Tourist Destinations in the World

VOL. 10, ISSUE 7   •   NOVEMBER, 2018
Budgeting for the Holidays
The holidays can bust your budget, unless you take steps to stay on track. READ MORE...

GF Cheap Weekend Trips 2018

BBL Flu Season 2018

Best U.S. Beaches

VOL. 10, ISSUE 6   •   OCTOBER, 2018
Getting Your Home Ready for Winter
Take steps now to prepare for the cold and snow. READ MORE...

GF Fall Travel Destinations 2018

BBL When to Call 911 2018

Happiest Cities for Workers

VOL. 10, ISSUE 5   •   AUGUST, 2018
Treasure Hunting at Garage and Estate Sales
Sometimes you can find a hidden gem at a sale, if you know how to look. READ MORE...

GF American Moving Trends 2018

BBL Tips for Fliers 2018

Top U.S. Destinations

VOL. 10, ISSUE 4   •   AUGUST, 2018
Get the Most From Your Air Conditioning
By now your air conditioning probably has been working hard for a long time -- and the summer is far from over. Here are some things you can do to reduce your electric bill. READ MORE...

GF Talking to Teens About Money 2018

BBL Exercising in the Heat 2018

America's Favorite Airlines

VOL. 10, ISSUE 2   •   JULY, 2018
Hints for Happiness
Do you wish you were happier? Well there are some things you can do about that. READ MORE...

GF Hidden Travel Fees 2018

BBL Roller Coasters 2018

World's Busiest Airports

VOL. 10, ISSUE 1   •   JUNE, 2018
Talking to Aging Parents About Their Finances
When it's time to talk finances with your parents, these tips can help. READ MORE...

GF Airline Fees 2018

BBL Water Safety for Kids 2018

Scammers Target New Medicare Cards

VOL. 9, ISSUE 12   •   MAY, 2018
Spring Cleaning for Your Finances
You probably know about spring cleaning your house. But what about spring cleaning your finances? READ MORE...

GF Destinations that Wont Break the Bank 2018

BBL Tai Chi 2017

Foods Most Likely to Make You Sick

VOL. 9, ISSUE 11   •   APRIL, 2018
Holding a Successful Garage Sale
A garage sale is a time-honored way to get rid of things you don't need or want while making a little money. Here are some tips for making your garage sale go smoothly -- and profitably. READ MORE...

GF When to Buy What 2018

BBL Spring Allergies 2018

Cheapest U.S. Cities

VOL. 9, ISSUE 9   •   FEBRUARY, 2018
Finding a Place on Airbnb
Here are some tips for doing your research on airbnb. READ MORE...

GF Joint and Separate Accounts 2018

BBL Cold Weather Workouts 2018

Best U.S. Beaches

VOL. 9, ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2018
Tips for Being a Landlord
Becoming a landlord is not as simple as it might look. READ MORE...

BBF Bad Workplace Habits 2016

BBL Best Regions to Visit 2018

Healthiest -- And Unhealthiest -- States

VOL. 9, ISSUE 7   •   DECEMBER, 2017
Evaluating a Neighborhood
How can you know if the house you want is priced correctly for the neighborhood? READ MORE...

GF Being Happy in Retirement 2016

BL Holiday Safety for Kids 2017

VOL. 9, ISSUE 6   •   NOVEMBER, 2017
Best Places to Retire Abroad
Your nest egg might go further if you retire abroad. READ MORE...

BBF Things That Turn Off Homebuyers 2017

BBL Flu Shot 2017

Happiest U.S. Cities

VOL. 9, ISSUE 5   •   OCTOBER, 2017
Hosting Older Visitors
You took great pains to child-proof your home when your kids were little. But now that your parents or grandparents are older, you need to make some changes so that your home will be safer and more hospitable when they come to visit. READ MORE...

GF Cutting Medical Bills 2017

BBL Doctor Visits 2017

Where the Jobs Are

VOL. 9, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2017
Seasonal Chores That Save You Money
As the calendar turns to fall, taking care of these home maintenance chores will save you money. READ MORE...

BBF Tips for Business Travelers 2017

BBL Fall Foliage 2017

America's Happiest Jobs

VOL. 9, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2017
Saving Tips That Might Be Wrong
Sometimes the conventional wisdom about saving may not be so wise. READ MORE...

BBF Buying Jewelry 2017

BBL Kids and Sports 2017

World's Best Universities for Employment

VOL. 9, ISSUE 2   •   JULY, 2017
Do Meal-Prep Plans Make Financial Sense?
You no doubt have noticed the proliferation of services that deliver everything you need to make dinner directly to your door. But do they make sense financially? It depends. READ MORE...

BBF College Money Topics 2017

BBL Hot U.S. Cities 2017

Most Educated States

VOL. 9, ISSUE 1   •   JUNE, 2017
What Home Inspectors Check
Both buyers and sellers can benefit from a home inspection. READ MORE...

BBF Food Expiration 2016

BBL Wedding Guest Etiquette 2017

Best States Ranking

VOL. 8, ISSUE 12   •   MAY, 2017
Bargain Destinations for 2017
If you have a big sense of adventure but a small budget, these destinations are for you. READ MORE...

BBF Vegetable Garden 2017

BBL Sunscreen 2017

Most Popular Dogs

VOL. 8, ISSUE 11   •   APRIL, 2017
A Primer for Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning is a traditional way to get rid of the effects of winter and welcome the sunnier and warmer days. Here's how to master the basics. READ MORE...

GXL Good Sports

GXL Living a Cancer-Prevention Lifestyle

Best U.S. Towns for Outdoor Fun

VOL. 8, ISSUE 10   •   MARCH, 2017
IRS Warns of Tax-Time Scams
Tax season is also scam season. The IRS urges you to watch out for these common attempts to steal your information. READ MORE...

BBF Travel Jobs 2017

BBL Cleaning Mistakes 2015

Safest Countries to Visit

VOL. 8, ISSUE 9   •   FEBRUARY, 2017
Best U.S. Destinations for 2017
If your travel plans focus on the U.S. this year, Lonely Planet offers some great destinations. READ MORE...

BBL Probiotics

RL Back Yard Birds

Best Cities For Singles

VOL. 8, ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2017
Save on Heat This Winter
Some forecasters predict that parts of the country are headed into a polar vortex -- a period of extremely cold temperatures. How can you stay warm without breaking the bank? READ MORE...

BBF Keeping Resolutions 2017

BBL Winter Driving 2017

Happiest Cities to Work In

VOL. 8, ISSUE 7   •   DECEMBER, 2016
Worst States for Retirees
There are lots of things that go into deciding where to retire, of course. But if you want your money to stretch as far as possible, you should steer clear of these 10 states. READ MORE...

BBF Protect Your House When You Are Gone 2016

BBL Eating Sensibly Over the Holidays 2014

Best -- and Worst --Cities for Pets

VOL. 8, ISSUE 6   •   NOVEMBER, 2016
Saving on Holiday Hosting
Gift-giving is not the only expense of the holidays. Hosting can drain your bank account too, unless you take some steps to save money. READ MORE...

BBF Filing a Complant 2016

BBL Holiday Stress 2016

Top Party Schools

VOL. 8, ISSUE 5   •   OCTOBER, 2016
Home Maintenance To Do Now
Fall brings colorful leaves, football games -- and home maintenance to take care of before the snow flies. READ MORE...

BBF Habits of Productive People 2016

BBL Trips to Celebrate Autumn 2016

America's Worst Drivers

VOL. 8, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2016
Top 25 Places to Retire
Are you looking for somewhere to settle in retirement? Here are 25 top options. READ MORE...

BBF Shoulder Season 2016

BBL Brain Health 2016

Highest-Paid Celebrities

VOL. 8, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2016
Things Your College Student Does NOT Need
If you or someone you know is sending a freshman off to college, you no doubt have a huge list of things to buy. But you probably can trim that list significantly. READ MORE...

BBF Farmers Market 2016

BBL Exercise in Heat 2016

Where Americans Are Moving

VOL. 8, ISSUE 2   •   JULY, 2016
Finding Inexpensive Air Fares
Air travel is great, especially when you get a good deal on a ticket. Here's how to find a fare for less. READ MORE...

BBF Renting a Car for Vacation 2016

BBL Safe Boating 2016

Cars that Get Most and Least Tickets

VOL. 8, ISSUE 1   •   JUNE, 2016
Trimming Landscaping Costs
Landscaping can make your outdoors beautiful, but it also can be expensive. Here are some ways to keep the costs down. READ MORE...

BBF Used Baby Gear 2015

BBL Top US Destinations 2016

Most Livable Downtowns

VOL. 7, ISSUE 12   •   MAY, 2016
Ways to Use Your Refund on Your Home
If your tax refund is burning a hole in your pocket, or if you have other disposable money, here are some suggestions for improving your home. READ MORE...

BBF FAFSA Errors 2016

BBL Travel Tips from Experts 2012

Favorite Children's Books

VOL. 7, ISSUE 11   •   APRIL, 2016
Seasonal Chores Can Pay Off
Spring chores around the house can save you money -- and help keep you safe. READ MORE...

BBF Saving Money in the Kitchen 2015

BBL Fighting Spring Allergies 2016

Greatest Athletes

VOL. 7, ISSUE 10   •   MARCH, 2016
Drying Out Your Smartphone
You know that sick feeling you get when you realize your smartphone is covered in liquid? Well there are some things you can do to save it. READ MORE...

BBF Scams 2016

BBL Spring Storms 2016

Stephen King is America's Favorite Author

VOL. 7, ISSUE 9   •   FEBRUARY, 2016
Value Destinations for 2016
You don't have to be wealthy to see the world. Here are some options for the budget traveler. READ MORE...

BBF Working from Home 2014

BBL Moisturizers 2016

Most In-Demand Jobs for 2016

VOL. 7, ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2016
Recovering from the Holidays
Most people go at least a little off-track financially over the holidays. Here's how to get on the road to recovery -- long-term and short-term. READ MORE...

BBF Chip Credit Cards 2015

BBL Seasonal Affective Disorder

Florida Top State Where Americans Want to Live

VOL. 7, ISSUE 7   •   DECEMBER, 2015
Year-End Financial To-Do List
The end of the year is around the corner. Here are some financial things you should do by New Year's Eve. READ MORE...

GF Holiday Tipping Guidelines 2015

BBL Holiday Travels 2015

Worst Rush Hour Traffic

VOL. 7, ISSUE 6   •   NOVEMBER, 2015
Budgeting for the Holidays
Budgeting for the holidays takes discipline and creativity. But it can be done. READ MORE...

BBF Retiring Part-Time 2015

BBL Portion Control 2014

U.S. Cities with the Best Climate

VOL. 7, ISSUE 5   •   OCTOBER, 2015
Fall Chores Can Save You Money in Winter
Now that the lazy days of summer are over, it is time to turn to some projects to get your home ready for winter. READ MORE...

BBF DIY Halloween Costumes 2015

BBL Amazing Family Vacations 2015

Most Popular National Parks

VOL. 7, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2015
Best Colleges for the Money
All colleges are not created equal. Here is a list of the schools that give students (and their parents) the best bang for their bucks. READ MORE...

BBF Curb Appeal 2015

BBL Bacl to School 2015

Beloit College Mindset 2015

VOL. 7, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2015
Budgeting for Rover
A dog can give you a lifetime of love. However, it doesn't come free. READ MORE...

BBF Things to Sell at Garage Sale 2015

BBL 10 US Places to Visit 2015

Where the Readers Are

VOL. 7, ISSUE 2   •   JULY, 2015
When to Choose Generic
Sometimes it pays to buy generic, and sometimes it does not. The trick is to know which is which. READ MORE...

BBF Saving Water 2015

BBL Treating a Sunburn

Top Places for First Dates

VOL. 7, ISSUE 1   •   JUNE, 2015
Cutting Your Cooling Costs
Air conditioning bills can take a huge bite out of your budget. But there are things you can do to trim the costs without sweltering in your house. READ MORE...

BBF Travel Insurance 2014

BBL Teen Drivers 2015

Most Romantic U.S. Cities

VOL. 6, ISSUE 12   •   MAY, 2015
Protecting Against Flood Losses
Flooding can devastate your home. But not understanding your insurance coverage for flooding is even worse. READ MORE...

BBL Weekend Destinations 2015

BBL Power Foods

Quirkiest Cities in America

VOL. 6, ISSUE 11   •   APRIL, 2015
Everyday Savings Tips
Saving money on the shopping you do every day can really add up over time. READ MORE...

BBL Historical Trips for Kids 2012

BBL Starting a Book Club 2014

Money is Main Cause of Stress

VOL. 6, ISSUE 10   •   MARCH, 2015
Best Places to Retire Abroad
If you are thinking outside the box about your retirement options, consider these top international retirement destinations. READ MORE...

BBF Home Warranties 2015

BBL Science of Meditation 2014

Top 10 Books of All Time

VOL. 6, ISSUE 9   •   FEBRUARY, 2015
Financial Issues Before the Wedding
If you are about to marry, you have a lot to think about. But you should put financial planning at the top of the list. READ MORE...

BBL Good Sports

GXL 10 US Places to Visit 2015

Passwords to Avoid

VOL. 6, ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2015
Surviving Cold and Flu Season
It's cold and flu season again. But there are some things you can do to try to avoid all that sneezing and coughing and fever. READ MORE...

BBL All Stressed Out and Nowhere to Go

BBL Napping

Most Selective U.S. Colleges

VOL. 6, ISSUE 7   •   DECEMBER, 2014
The Power of Gratitude
It turns out that people who practice gratitude have one more thing for which to be thankful. According to an ongoing study, people with more feelings of gratitude are not only happier, but healthier and more productive. READ MORE...

BBL Science of Happiness 2014

BBL Making Peace with Age

Top 10 Movies of All Time

VOL. 6, ISSUE 5   •   OCTOBER, 2014
Winterizing Your Home
Now is the time to make sure your home is ready for winter. READ MORE...

BBF Retiring on 30 Grand a Year 2014

BBL What To Do If You Have a Car Accident 2012

What College Freshmen Know

VOL. 6, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2014
College Tuition Is Not Always What It Seems
Even the most expensive colleges might not be beyond reach. Start by looking for schools that are generous with their grant money. READ MORE...

GF Fall Yard Work 2014

BBL Lightning Safety 2014

South Tops List of Friendliest Cities

VOL. 6, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2014
Top Retirement States Might Surprise You
The top state for retirees, according to the latest Bankrate study, has neither beaches nor endless summer. But it does have low costs, low crime and excellent health care. READ MORE...

BBF Home Bidding War 2014

BBL Treating Sunburn 2014

Where Grads are Going

VOL. 6, ISSUE 2   •   JULY, 2014
House Hunting Tips
More people appear to be sticking their toes back into the real estate market. If you are one of them, here are some things to avoid when house hunting. READ MORE...

BBF Slicing Your Meat Budget 2014

BBL Youth Sports Safety 2014

Americas's Funniest Cities

VOL. 6, ISSUE 1   •   JUNE, 2014
Cutting Your Cooling Costs
You know you can turn up your thermostat to save money on your cooling costs. But here are some things you might not have thought of that can help your house keep its cool this summer. READ MORE...

BBF Saving on Summer Vacation 2014

BBL Top Thrill Rides 2014

Most-Challenged Books

VOL. 5, ISSUE 12   •   MAY, 2014
The Role of the Executor
Being executor of an estate is a big honor -- and a big responsibility. READ MORE...

BBF Best Value Colleges 2014

BBL Reduce Your Exposure to Pollen 2014

Most and Least Healthy U.S. Cities

VOL. 5, ISSUE 11   •   APRIL, 2014
Building Mental Toughness
Mental toughness often is an important factor in achieving success in your career and in your life. People who have mental toughness share a variety of characteristics -- including things that they do not do. READ MORE...

BBF Growing Your Own Veggies 2014

BBL Keeping Resolutions 2014

Top Driving Songs

VOL. 5, ISSUE 10   •   MARCH, 2014
Stay Safe from Spring Floods
Springtime brings robins, tulips -- and flooding. Know your risks, and prepare to protect yourself and your property from rising water. READ MORE...

BBF Top Bargain Destinations 2014

BBL Getting Rid of Clutter 2014

Watch Out for IRS Email Scams

VOL. 5, ISSUE 9   •   FEBRUARY, 2014
Credit Card Hacking
If a credit card hacking incident is reported at a place where you shop, you should act quickly to protect yourself. READ MORE...

BBF Saving on Car Repair

BBL Kids in Hotels 2013

America's Favorite Movie Stars

VOL. 5, ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2014
Setting Up a Budget
If one of your new year's resolutions was to get a better handle on your spending, a budget is the best place to start. READ MORE...

BBF Bargain Travel Destinations 2013

BBL Winter Power Foods 2013

Smartest Dog Breeds

VOL. 5, ISSUE 7   •   DECEMBER, 2013
Smart Savings on Your Energy Bills
Keeping your house warm in winter -- and cool in summer -- can take a bite out of your budget. Here are some cost-effective ways to cut your energy bills. READ MORE...

BBF Tax-Unfriendly States for Retirees 2013

BBL Holiday Pet Safety 2013

Favorite NFL Teams

VOL. 5, ISSUE 6   •   NOVEMBER, 2013
Holding the Line on Holiday Spending
Don't let your holiday spending get away from you. Have a plan. READ MORE...

GF Free US Attractions 2013

BBL Sleep-Friendly Bedroom 2013

Best -- and Worst -- Drivers

VOL. 5, ISSUE 5   •   OCTOBER, 2013
Beware of Obamacare Scams
Insurance exchanges under Obamacare take effect this fall, and scammers are using the new law to try to get personal information. READ MORE...

BBF Layaway 2013

BBL Halloween Safety 2013

Beloit College Mindset

VOL. 5, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2013
Should You Join a Warehouse Club?
Are the prices at a warehouse club worth the limited selection and the shopping hassles? It depends on what you're buying. READ MORE...

BBL Foods That Sound Healthy But Arent 2013

BBL Tourist Traps 2013

Thieves Target Pickups, SUVs

VOL. 5, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2013
Launching a College Freshman
Sending a child off to college can be difficult. But suggestions from people who have done it can help ease the transition. READ MORE...

GF House Sharing 2013

BBL Top U.S. Destinations 2013

Where Disaster Stikes

VOL. 5, ISSUE 2   •   JULY, 2013
Considering a Vacation Home
Vacation home sales increased at double-digit rates in 2012. So how do you know if a vacation home is right for you? READ MORE...

GF Selling on Craigslist 2013

BBL Summer Food Safety 2013

Cheapest -- and Most Expensive -- Car Repair Costs

VOL. 5, ISSUE 1   •   JUNE, 2013
Helping Out Your A/C
Setting your thermostat a little higher during the summer can save you money and help the environment. Here are some ways you can stay cooler without cranking up the A/C. READ MORE...

BBF Shopping at the Farmers Market 2013

BBL Sunscreen Use 2013

Best-Read U.S. Cities

VOL. 4, ISSUE 12   •   MAY, 2013
Job Satisfaction and Health
Workers with the highest job satisfaction also have better emotional and physical health than other employees. And doctors are at the top of the list. READ MORE...

GF Spring Car Care 2013

BBL Boating Safety 2013

Best College Towns in America

VOL. 4, ISSUE 11   •   APRIL, 2013
How to Spend Your Tax Refund
If you got a tax refund this year, you have several options for spending it. Here are 10 of the best. READ MORE...

BBF Buy One Give One 2013

BBL Choosing Annuals for Your Garden 2013

Lab Is Still Top Dog

VOL. 4, ISSUE 10   •   MARCH, 2013
Understanding Flood Coverage
Images of flooded homes and the cleanup that follows can be heartbreaking. But many homeowners face another devastating reality: They do not have insurance coverage for their losses. READ MORE...

BBF Fixing Your Credit Report 2013

BBL Best Time of Day

Most Popular TV Stars

VOL. 4, ISSUE 9   •   FEBRUARY, 2013
Monthly Bargain Guide
You know you can find something on sale any time. But certain items traditionally go on sale at certain times of the year. READ MORE...

RL The Science of Happiness

BBL Top Places to Visit in 2013

Snowiest U.S. Cities

VOL. 4, ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2013
Exercise Your Way to Better Mental Health
The beneficial effects of exercise on your physical health are well-documented. But working out can help you maintain good mental health as well. In fact, some studies suggest, it may even help combat depression. READ MORE...

BBL Piling on the Best Fruits and Veggies

BBL Dressing for Winter 2013

Top Five Driving Peeves

VOL. 4, ISSUE 7   •   DECEMBER, 2012
Year-End Financial Checklist
Amid all the hustle and bustle of year-end, take some time to put your financial house in order. READ MORE...

BBF Saving on Entertainment 2012

BBL Cold Remedies 2012

New Words for 2012

VOL. 4, ISSUE 6   •   NOVEMBER, 2012
Winter Maintenance for Your Car
Preparing your car for winter weather and maintaining it throughout the winter can help you save money and stay safe. READ MORE...

BB Holiday Tipping and Giftin 2012

BB 10 Healthy Foods 2012

Most Romantic Cities

VOL. 4, ISSUE 5   •   OCTOBER, 2012
Bring Sanity to Your Holiday Shopping
Worried about blowing your budget during the holidays? Here are some ways to avoid the overspending hangover. READ MORE...

RF Kids and Money

GXL Flu SHot 2012

America's Best Football Towns

VOL. 4, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2012
Handling the College Transition
If you recently dropped off your child at college for the first time, you and your child might be struggling with the new independence. But there are some things you can do to make the transition easier for both of you. READ MORE...

BBL Encouraging Reading

BBL Avoiding Backpack Pain

The Class of 2016

VOL. 4, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2012
Improving Your Credit Score
There are several things you can do to improve your credit score -- and your financial picture. READ MORE...

BBF Home Improvements That Pay Off 2012

BBL Hot US Destinations 2012

Most Hackable Passwords

VOL. 4, ISSUE 2   •   JULY, 2012
Shopping Estate Sales
An estate sale can be the perfect place to find anything from a new couch to deck furniture to baseball cards. You just need to know where -- and how -- to look. READ MORE...

BBF Hiring a Contractor 2012

BBL Outdoor Summer Entertaining 2012

Most Optimistic Cities

VOL. 4, ISSUE 1   •   JUNE, 2012
Eliminating Workplace Distractions
Distractions at work make it hard to do your job and can add to your stress level. Try these tips to eliminate distractions and work more efficiently. READ MORE...

BBF Eating for Less on Vacation 2012

BBL Summer Driving Tips 2012

The Cost of Ballpark Brew

VOL. , ISSUE   •   MAY, 2012
Where the Jobs Will Be
If you think you might be looking for a job between now and 2020, your best bet is probably nursing. READ MORE...

BBF Teaching Kids to Save 2012

BBL Backyard Birding 2012

Top U.S. Stores

VOL. 3, ISSUE 11   •   APRIL, 2012
Farm-Fresh Produce, Without the Farm
In the good old days, when you wanted tomatoes or some green beans, you walked out to the garden and picked them. Now you can have farm-fresh food, even if you don't have a farm. READ MORE...

GF Green Cleaning from the Pantry

BBL Bike Safety 2012

Area Code Scams

VOL. 3, ISSUE 10   •   MARCH, 2012
Computing in the Cloud
You no doubt have heard the buzz about computing in the cloud. But what exactly is the cloud, and what can it do for you? READ MORE...

GF Staging Your Home

BBL Quick Tips for Happiness

Authors List Top 10 Books

VOL. 3, ISSUE 9   •   FEBRUARY, 2012
The Value of Home Improvements
Home improvements can make your home more attractive and livable. But some home improvements also can pay off better than others when you decide to sell your house. READ MORE...

BBF Buying an Engagement Ring 2012

BBL Exercising in Winter

Top Words of 2011

VOL. 3, ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2012
Resolutions for Your Financial Health
You probably made a New Year's resolution to get healthier. But you also should resolve to work on your financial health. READ MORE...

BBF Picking a Personal Trainer 2012

BBL Surviving Cold and Flu Season

World's Top Tourist Sites

VOL. 3, ISSUE 7   •   DECEMBER, 2011
Avoiding Holiday Internet Scams
Tis the season to be on the lookout for a variety of holiday-inspired Internet scams. READ MORE...

BBF Tax Havens for Retirees 2011

BBL Winter Driving

We All Scream for Ice Cream

VOL. 3, ISSUE 6   •   NOVEMBER, 2011
Preparing Your Home for Winter
Winter is just around the corner, and it's time to make sure your house is ready for the cold and snow. READ MORE...

BBF Working at Home

BBL Caring for Grandbaby 2011

The Really High Cost of College

VOL. 3, ISSUE 5   •   OCTOBER, 2011
Three Keys to Surviving Market Turbulence
Most stock market investors are looking for the same result: strong and steady gains of their investments. Dealing with a period of sustained falling stock prices is not easy. READ MORE...

GF Disaster Planning 2011

BBF Remodeling for Aging

Topping the 'Do Not Play' Charts

VOL. 3, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2011
Avoiding Technology Etiquette Breaches
Technology etiquette breaches can make you look bad in front of your colleagues and your boss, and even can cost you your job. READ MORE...

BBF Starting Early

GF Managing Holiday Expectations 2011

Mindset for the Class of 2015

VOL. 3, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2011
Why is the stock market so volatile lately?
Many people are asking DeSERANNO: “Why is the stock market so volatile lately?” ““How does the recent stock market volatility affect me?” And, “What should I be doing with my money now?” READ MORE...

BBF Wine Collecting

BBL Live to Be 100

BBF Working Longer

Top Restaurant Cuisines

VOL. 3, ISSUE 2   •   JULY, 2011
Trimming Air Conditioning Costs
When the weather gets hot, you love your home air conditioner -- until you get the bill. But there are things you can do to keep your A/C from taking too big a bite out of your budget. READ MORE...

BBF Surviving the Financial Crisis

BBL Summer Exercise

Top Names for CEOs

VOL. 3, ISSUE 1   •   JUNE, 2011
Kids Need Money Mentors
With the level of consumer debt skyrocketing and the cost of housing, education and health care increasing at double-digit rates, younger generations are facing unprecedented challenges to achieving economic security and financial independence. READ MORE...

GF Mistakes Parents Teach Kids About Money 2011

BBL Back Yard Birds

Top Family Cars of 2011

VOL. 2, ISSUE 12   •   MAY, 2011
Three Steps to Help Save for Short-Term Goals
Pursuing short-term financial goals -- those that you'd like to achieve within one to five years, such as a down payment on a home or car -- can require a different strategy than pursuing long-term goals. READ MORE...

BBF Think Globally Buy Locally

BBL Best Vacations with Kids 2011

Worst Cities for Spring Allergies

VOL. 2, ISSUE 11   •   APRIL, 2011
Four Tips for Tax Smart Investing
Savvy investors have long realized that what their investments earn after taxes is what really counts. After factoring in federal income and capital gains taxes, the alternative minimum tax (AMT), and potential state and local taxes, your investment returns in any given year may be reduced by 40% or more. READ MORE...

BBL How to Talk to Your Doctor

GXF Summer Vacation Savings

Beware the IRS Email Scam

VOL. 2, ISSUE 10   •   MARCH, 2011
Estate Planning: The Rules Change Again
The federal government isn't making it easy for Americans to feel confident about their estate plans. READ MORE...

BBF Its Never Too Early to Be Prepared

BBL Handling Trouble Abroad

Spring Cleaning for Your Paperwork

VOL. 2, ISSUE 9   •   FEBRUARY, 2011
What is Financial Life Planning?
Financial Life Planning is a holistic process that puts your interests first and focuses on increasing your sense of financial well-being and life satisfaction. READ MORE...

BBF Estate Sales

BBL Fighting Winter Skin

The World's Happiest Countries

VOL. 2, ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2011
A One-Year Checklist to Retirement
One of the biggest lessons of the recent economy is that many people who thought they were financially ready for retirement…weren’t. READ MORE...

BBF Yearly Review

GF Computer Safety

Best Airlines

VOL. 2, ISSUE 7   •   DECEMBER, 2010
Can Using An Advisor Really Improve the Bottom Line?
According to a study by ING Retirement Research, investors who work with a a financial professional report saving significantly more for retirement, and feel more knowledgeable about investments and more confident in their ability to enjoy retirement. READ MORE...

GF Keeping to a Holiday Budget

Tax Planning for 2010 Down to the Wire

VOL. 2, ISSUE 6   •   NOVEMBER, 2010
A Client Story - Are You Overpaying Medicare Premiums?
I discovered that my new client had overpaid Medicare premiums by $5,087 in 2009 and nobody even knew it! READ MORE...

Planning for retirement will you be prepared

GF Holiday Budget 2010

Count Your Financial Blessings

VOL. 2, ISSUE 5   •   OCTOBER, 2010
How Will I be Affected by the 2011 Expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts?
I’ve had several clients contact me about how the expiration of the Bush tax cuts will affect them starting in 2011. There has been much talk about it from the media and it has turned into a potential problem for many taxpayers. READ MORE...

Fiduciary Oath

BBL Fall Foliage 2010

The Class of 2014

VOL. 2, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2010
DeSERANNO Becomes Grosse Pointe's Only Financial Planner Accepted as a Member of NAPFA
Founded in 1983, the highly regarded National Association of Personal Financial Advisors has just over 1,500 carefully selected members nationwide. READ MORE...

Kids on The Go

BBL The Science of Happiness

Egg Safety

VOL. 2, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2010
Look for Us in the Grosse Pointe News Starting This Week
Beginning this week, get your Grosse Pointe News and look for us as we inform our community about what sets us apart and how our clients benefit from working with us. READ MORE...

Rahaim August 2010 Commentary

BBF Paying for College

RF Gifting the Grandkids

Best Places to Live

VOL. 2, ISSUE 2   •   JULY, 2010
Announcing New Newsletter and Website
Welcome to our new newsletter and please visit our brand new website at We have upgraded our newsletter and our website to provide you with a more user friendly experience with more valuable insights and information. READ MORE...

Bob Rahaim July Intro

FPA Keeping Your Credit Score Healthy

BBF Teens and Credit

Trivia for the World Cup

VOL. 2, ISSUE 1   •   JUNE, 2010
Planning a Wedding for Less
Your child got engaged, and now you have a wedding to plan. How can you help create a lovely wedding without sending yourself to the poorhouse? READ MORE...

GF Using Credit Abroad

BBL Meditation

Where the Money Is

VOL. 1, ISSUE 12   •   MAY, 2010
What Healthcare Reform Means for You
Healthcare reform caused heated debate and considerable hyperbole on both sides of the aisle in Congress. Now that the bill has become law, what does it mean for you and your family? READ MORE...

FPA Term Life Insurance

BBF Choosing a Home Safe

BBL 2009 Top Dogs

Wild Things

VOL. 1, ISSUE 11   •   APRIL, 2010
Making It Easier to Go Green
Making your home more energy-efficient can save money in the long run, but it can be a big expense upfront. The federal government, as well as state and local governments and utilities, have programs to ease the pain of going green. READ MORE...

BBF Retirement Towns 2009

4.10 Wine

Spring Cleaning for Your Paperwork

VOL. 1, ISSUE 10   •   MARCH, 2010
Client Survey Results
All of us at DeSERANNO wish to thank our clients who participated in our recent client satisfaction survey. READ MORE...

GF Credit Card Changes

GF Toyota Recall

Last-Minute Tax Tips

VOL. 1, ISSUE 9   •   FEBRUARY, 2010
Haiti and Internet Safety
The tragedy in Haiti has tapped the compassion of Americans, but it also has tapped the avarice of Internet scammers and identity thieves. Here are some things to watch out for to stay safe on the Net. READ MORE...

BBF Saving on Health Care

BBL Boomerang Kids

Get Ready to File

VOL. 1 , ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2010
Avoiding a Census scam
The U.S. government is counting us all in the 2010 Census. However, there are some precautions to take to avoid being caught in a Census scam. READ MORE...

BBF Building Trust

GXL The Science of Happiness

The Cost of Kids

VOL. 1, ISSUE 7   •   DECEMBER, 2009
Holiday Greeting
Happy Holidays to All... READ MORE...

GF Year-End Concerns

GF Holiday Tipping

BBL Building Your Brain

VOL. 1, ISSUE 6   •   NOVEMBER, 2009
Giving the Gift of a Financial Planner
The holiday season should be about giving, but at the end of the season, most people can't help but think it's all about spending and money out the door. READ MORE...

GF Holiday Spending

BBL The Power of Gratitude

Beware of IRS Phishing Scam

VOL. 1, ISSUE 5   •   OCTOBER, 2009
Kids and Money
You are trying to teach your kids to be fiscally responsible, but you are not sure you are succeeding. How can you help your kids learn about money and prepare them for life ahead? READ MORE...

GF Winterizing Your House

BBL The Ethical Will

BBL Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Changing Your Computer Password

VOL. 1, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2009
Dementia Is Not Only A Family Matter; It's Also A Financial Matter
When a close relative or friend starts to display signs of dementia or related neurological ailments, it is a family tragedy requiring speedy action and medical care. READ MORE...

BBL Helicopter Parents

GF Do Extended Warranties Make Sense

BBL Green housing

Catalog Your House

VOL. 1, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2009
All of us at DeSERANNO hope you are enjoying the summer. READ MORE...

GF Identity Theft

BBF Flying for Less

BBL Staying Safe in College

Back to School

VOL. 1, ISSUE 2   •   JULY, 2009
Making the Most of Your Stay-cation
So you have decided that vacationing close to home is the fiscally responsible thing to do in these uncertain times. But you don't have to scrimp on the fun. READ MORE...

GF Recession Bargains

BBL Balancing Work and Home

Guidelines for Exercise

VOL. 1, ISSUE 1   •   JUNE, 2009
Welcome to the DeSERANNO Monthly Newsletter
Our new electronic newsletter, DeSERANNO Monthly Newsletter, brings you information on money and more. READ MORE...

GF Online Banking

BBF Vegetable Gardens

BBL Baseball Tours

The Class of 2013